Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vista serial number

This guy has got some balls. Funny, but its an RTM that's 2 months old and needs to be activated every 30 days or will timebomb at the end of May 2007.

Quote on how Microsoft blocks activation numbers:
"I've been working for MS for a while now (through an outsourced company) and I can tell you that any key is blockable -it's super easy to send an email (containing a product key) to 'actual' MS employees who will then ban the emailed key -this happens many times a day -usually due to stolen credit cards used to purchase Additional Licences of XP. And while I have yet to email a key for Vista -I'm sure that the process is just as easy. The 'tell' that a key is blocked is if an activation agent asks you to click the 'Change Product Key' button on the Activation Dialogue: you type in the key and it keeps comming back is invalid: *Inference*: the key has been 'blocked'. BTW -I have absolutely ZERO interrest in preventing piracy of MS products -the only time I send out the dreaded 'ban this key email' is when someone is doing 2 things: 1) obviously pirating, and MUCH more important, 2) being abusive when they deal MS staff who are just doing their job.
As an aside: when you are activating windows by telephone and the Activation agent asks you for your product key: start the countdown if you are using a pirated key -our asking you for the key means that we will be submitting your key for review, ie: MS will be actively watching for usage of that key -and if they determine that it's being used too much they will ban it -and I suspect (just conjecture here) that future MS anti-piracy innitiatives will disable or cripple versions of Windows using the suspect key.
I feel like I have to say, again, that I have NO interrest in the protection of MS (or any other proprietary software) I'm just trying to explain how it works at MS.
I ALSO feel I should point out that VISTA cracks are a little early -most PCs will not be able to properly run Vista. My personal feeling is that only PCs running a relatively (I almost didn't say relatively, btw) modern dedicated GFX card; a processor running 3 GHz or faster (there might be some movement on this point); and 2, count 'em, TWO Gigs of RAM. -If your PC doesn't measure-up then you are going to find Vista sluggish -at least.
Interrestingly enough Office 2007 seems to work very well on ANY semi-modern PC -And the jump from Office 2003 and Office 2007 is BY FAR (let me say that again: BY FAR) a bigger leap than the jump between XP and Vista.
I, btw, have decided to not install Vista -not just because of the system reqs. -maybe it's the same thing as those users of 2000 felt about XP -but Vista's DRM makes me more than a little uncomfortable.
For the time-being: I dual boot Ubuntu and XP.
(sorry for the long post: I just wanted to share a few thoughts)
(ps-To any MS staffers who frown upon employees expressing opinion: the moniker 'fiver22' represents, not a single person, but about 10 trillion employees -no, really...please believe me. Just because you catch me signing into Digg from work doesn't mean I'm actually THAT 'fiver22', ok?)"

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