Friday, January 12, 2007

TV Shows Become Podcasts Instead Of Being Paid Content In iTunes Store

From TUAW:
So why is it that TV shows are now starting to show up as podcasts rather than in the iTunes store? Today the first episode of Season 2 of Extras became available through iTunes--but it's a podcast. Something similar happened the other day with the PBS science pilots, also available as podcasts. So what's the deal?

Normally, we've been expecting audio blogs, interviews and behind-the-scenes looks in the podcast section and pay-for-episodes in the store. So why is it that entire episodes are now starting to appear in podcastland? Is it just licensing terms? Or is it that this works internationally? Or is it that this way vendors don't have to pre-buy a million episodes at once like ABC did a few months ago? If you have some insight into this new trend (assuming it is a trend), let us know in the comments.
I'm guessing this is just a teaser to get us hooked before the pay version comes out. The article seems to think this is some sort of trend but the only other example was a PBS show which you would expect to be free anyway. Does anyone else have examples of this growing "trend?"

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