Friday, January 05, 2007

DDRdrive uses PCIe and DDR RAM to increase speed of mainstream solid state disks

They need to come out with this now! Booting a computer from windows in 10 seconds! Yes please! Heres a video of Gigabyte's I-ram in action:

TomsHardware reports from the CES 2007 show:
If you are wondering about the other type of SSDs, powered by SDRAMs, we have been waiting for some products, especially the DDRdrive, but haven't heard anything about a public display yet. Of course, the recent speed hype in the performance memory segment will continue - with Patriot showing 1302 MHz DDR2 modules. Also, Rambus will promote its XDR memory modules by having a Playstation 3 console ready for action at its booth.
From Tomshardware original article:
Gigabyte's i-Ram and HyperOs Systems' HyperDrive III solid state disk recently gave us a first impression that solid state storage is making its way into the mainstream: And there is more to come in the near future: DDRdrive will soon release a PCI Express device that uses external power to ensure the memory will not lose its stored data.

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