Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Old buddies reunite in hopes of taking tech world by storm ... again

Steve Wozniak poses with an Apple I motherboard in an undated file photo. Wozniak, who designed and built the first Apple computers, tells his story in his book, iWoz, which is published this week. (Wikipedia/Reuters)

From Yahoo:
Gil Amelio, Ellen Hancock and Steve Wozniak are taking over a chipmaking company together. This is sort of the computing equivalent of Alice Cooper, Grace Slick and Smokey Robinson announcing they have formed a new band. Legends, yes. The outcome, less certain.

Each is a likable tech player who had tremendous success in decades past, followed by high-profile failures. Amelio got chased out of Apple, setting the stage for Jobs' return. Wozniak, who just published his autobiography, shut down his latest start-up, Wheels of Zeus, in March. Hancock is on a bunch of boards but hasn't had a management success since Exodus cratered.

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Anonymous said...

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- Steve