Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Connect to 3G and Wi-fi

From Cnet:
Helio Hybrid is a new service that allows users to connect to both free and commercial Wi-Fi hotspots as well as a nationwide 3G mobile broadband network. Using specially designed software, the service automatically searches for the best wireless signal from free private or commercial Wi-Fi hotspots and from Sprint's 3G network. Then it automatically connects users to the best-performing network. Users get this network card for free if they sign up for a 2-year Helio Hybrid contract.

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eLIFrHINo said...

Do you know the guy who helped find helio is a guy that founf and left Earthlink when it was about to peak...He started Earthlink by stringing like eight modems together or something. Now he is waiting for Helio to take off and something called Boing. Remember I bought that internet access at the airport. Well, there you go.