Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Baldwin-Motion, Lingenfelter Team up on New Powerplant

From Jalopnik:
What happens when you match up the displacement freaks at Baldwin-Motion with the turbo- and supercharger-drunk labcoats at Lingenfelter? We're not exactly sure, but apparently you get something like the new Lingenfelter/Motion Big-Block. Tech specs will be released at the SEMA show in a week or so, but we know the powerplant will be used as fire for Baldwin's pricey SS-427, Phase III 540 and Super Series Camaro replicas. We also know it's a 540 ci. monster producing 660 hp and 640 ft. lbs. torque (on 93 octane, natch). Other than that, it's all about as clear as 10W-40.

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