Friday, September 01, 2006

Google says it doesn't plan nationwide Wi-Fi service

Google is not planning to provide US-wide WiFi service. It said around 300 contracts are open for competition but Google has not expressed its interest in any of them. It has put up $1 million to build a citywide network in Mountain View, the place Google calls home. As per its agreement with the city, Google will keep all advertising revenues.

Google Inc., which rolled out free wireless Internet service this week in Mountain View, has no plans to become a national provider of the service, according to reports
Wednesday. The New York Times said Mountain View-based Google's efforts in
its hometown is designed to show the value of competition in providing Internet
access and create a basis for Google to delve into other business ideas.
Google has been outspoken in its push for competitive Internet access, and
has lobbied in Washington for Net neutrality. The Times quoted a Google
executive as saying there are about 300 open contracts in the country for
municipal Wi-Fi services and Google hasn't bid on any of them.

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